My journey in growing business

I am in four (4) years of business. So far so good the business profit, the customers, and the needs and wants. 

So I decided of how will I grow my business?

Additional purchases for more customers to choose?

Change my store layout to attract more customers?

Wholesales and sells at lowest price?

Or both? Additional purchase, change store layout and wholesale..

While searching for this answers:

1) employees-  additional employees to help me grow in business. While I was the one do the administrative works and purchasing, my newly hired employee takes charge in attending customers needs and wants and lists all the items that needs to buy to sales agents.

      Challenge: Trusted Employees.                   Nowadays, very rare to hire a trusted employees in handling cash while I was busy to grow my business. As much as possible, I have to lookout my cash every now and then. But then, it is not guaranteed  So to avoid this, is not to hire an employee.

       Challenge: Psychology of employees.            With different roots/ family came, as a business owner like me have to understand better their behaviors, personalities by asking questions of how was their family, where they lived. Observe them everytime I asked them (their actions, gestures, language body). Today, because of technology many are aware but as a business owners like me, instinct is still the best technique that anyone could not imitate.

2) Business partner(S) – can be a siblings, parents, friends, relatives, or the mate (husband/wife)

What I learned? Base on my experience, a family business (it means my family is my business partners) very challenging emotionally. No matter how to be professional as a business owner if the family business do unprofessionally, conflict arises that lead to relationship constraint. It could happen in relatives, friends and your husband/wife.        

 It could success to others but mostly are not.    

3) Change

Yes, change myself. Change to become tough in decisions but soft heart to balance. 

I did it before when I was working in corporate company but when I started business with 2 employees, it changed a lot. It was different in corporate company vs having a own a business and manage own employees. 

Change myself. Change to become aggressive, more open minded..       challenge: since my business is a family business, they are very conservative that when I push my ideas, they did not support. 

Conclusion: Reading articles in magazines, google, social media helps me of how to grow in business. But put into actions is very challenging and difficult to do because of lot factors to think and realize that it is not the right time, not driven in actions, the environment, people to choose.

 And one thing, if I grow my business, how will affect my personal needs? Will it less quality time for myself? What about my socialization towards others? New persons I meet that one who help me in growing business?

For four years in business, I am confident my business still grows because of good location and customers. But maybe not a right time to grow. Only time will know of when. As of the moment, enjoy of has to be done, develop more the entrepreneur skills for preparation when the right time is come. 




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