Why invest in stock market and real estate?

Because of technology, Pinoys are aware of what is investing stockmarket or investing in real estate..

Invest in stockmarket or in real estate are example of passive income.

 Our daily job (works in office 8am- 5pm) is the example of active income. 

Our active income is our job to work hard so that we have to pay for our daily expenses as well as monthly utilities and rent and at the same time to save our money for investment.

Passive income  is the income comes from the investment (mutual fund, stock market, real estate). This is the income of your money work for you without worry too much pay for your daily and monthly expenses and for your retirement.

When you invest of the three: Mutual fund, stock market and real estate, it is a long term investment that gain your profit overtime.

 In mutual fund, you are invest in company with the help of your fund manager. In stock market, you also invest in company all by yourself. So which means you have to search everything about business, politics, environment concerns and the issues of country. In real estate, it depends on what you want. There are investors who buy lots and build the according to his desire (apartment, room for rent, house for rent, commercial building and turn it to rent income.), some investors buy lots and sell it when the markets appreciates in value.

For me, I consider to invest in stock market because it challenge me to do my own homework and research in the net or investing books, watch news as well as finding a mentor related to my desire.

Here is the example of investing in stock market:

Whenever I go, I can invest without affecting my daily self employed work. 

So what’s unique in stockmarket? Because of gain. If I want to gain as high as 20% then I can reach it. It just a matter of research and know what is happening. In stockmarket you can earn as high as P5,000 in a day but of course of big capital. If I invest today, I can gain next month. And one thing, it depends of the company you buy their share of stocks. Another unique in stock market is you have dividends, another passive  income because of your constant buy their shares of stocks. Some company does have but some don’t have dividend.

Investing in real estate can gain you profit over time. Location location and location is the first thing you look to success. Lots appreciates in value. That’s why the rich men invest in lots not only it appreciates but you can pass to your children and next generation. 

I am work in real estate industry and soon to invest it, in time..


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