Ready to buy your dream house?

Before you build your dream house, always remember the following:

      ✔️the reasons why you buy? What are your long term plans?                                       

House is immovable so which means you cannot carry it. So location is a must. Building your house takes a a year or more than a year before you moved-in.You have to spend a minimum half a million pesos to reach it the reasons why planning to build your house is very important coz when something goes wrong, you loss your hard earned  money.

        ✔️where did you build your dream house?

Depends on your preference: your goals, your taste, your family needs and of course yourself since it’s your money to spend.

Some people prefer in rural areas because of fresh air.  Some are prefer living in urban areas due to accessible to all.  Others want to live in guarded subdivisions, in exclusive subdivisions, others in village. 

Lot appreciates in value especially if it is located in prime area. So if you want to build your dream house and at the same time plan to put up a business, corner lot is good for location.

But lot in prime area is expensive. So know your budget and make a time frame if you like it but still not enough to buy.

Suburban or the town half an hour away from commercial district is another option for buyers who budget conscious yet very near and a bit accessible to all. So if you have a private car, no need to worry for transportation. Lot appreciates in value but limited in location. There are very some very accessible but not suitable for business purpose. You have also an option to rent your own home house or find some duplex house.

Rural areas is very suitable for farming, fresh air and avoid busy city life. Most of rich people decided to live than in commercial district. They have another house in city for their personal or business transaction instead of rent. Some rich family buy condominium for them to stay when they have a chance and back in their hometown.

Working person who lives in city or in abroad, save their money and build their dream house in farm estates or in rural areas  after they retire. 

But if you have a budget right now, grab the opportunity to buy coz in the next years, lot price increases.

What types of houses do I build?

So after you decide where to build your house, There are many options you want, to clearly more further:

1) House and Lot this is always preferred by Filipinos. Why?                              

          Lot appreciates in value. Especially  If your home happen build in prime area where almost are accessible to all ( small retail business, office, schools, etc),    

           Filipinos choose to buy lots because you can pass to your children and to next generation. 

            A sense of privacy.

This house and lot usually located everywhere. A gated subdivision located in commercial areas are usually the exclusive subdivision where security are strict, big houses, and expensive house and lot. Sample are: Dasma Village at Makati.

2) Townhouse – Same with house and lot that lot appreciates in value and you can pass it to your children. Townhouse can be a two story house and row houses.

      It is similar homes in a row shared a common wall

     It is less expensive than a house and lot

    Limited privacy due to shared wall so expect you have encounter noise from your neighbors.

Townhouse are very common located in suburban areas. Because condominium is expensive, they prefer to buy outside the city. Townhouse in city is more expensive than in suburban. The advantage is you can rent your townhouse since it is in demand those looking a room for rent.

3) Condominium – this is usually build in central business district where almost of main office is located. 

    This is very best for couples, or yuppies  for walking distant work. Good also for returning OFW, for person who loves city lifestyle that don’t like to worry if she/he out of town because of security reasons.

This types of house usually for people who badly needed for their work or just very near in school. This is very indemand in Metro Manila because of traffic. Others are prefer for workaholic career person that very precious in their time.

Most of Filipinos preferred house and lot, what types House and lot you interested?

Building your house and lot depends in your location and types of preference. 

If you are looking for a house and lot very near to your work or school and it is located in prime area,mostly are single attached.Single attached house is one side of your house is attached. The single detached house is open space on the side.

Bungalow – single story house. This is preferred for oldies or if your children is still aged 10 years old and below. 

Single house – this is preferred for Pinoys in owning house and lot. You can build your car park, own a garden, or improve your backyard.

Duplex- single building that contains two housing units . (This is very suitable for people wishing  to build passive income. If you have more than enough on your budget, you rent the other side of the house)

Triplex  – similar with duplex but three housing unit. (Same with duplex very suitable for planning  building passive income)

Conclusion: That is why when you building your dream house, always write your plan and why the reasons you want to build there. If you have money to pay for real estate consultant, though you pay them atleast it minimize your error and wasting money.


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